Coming Early 2020


A Body on the Hill is the second Mitch O'Reilly Mystery and I expect to release it this fall.

Mitch's story picks up just a few months after A Body in a Bathhouse. Some things have changed in his life and others not so much. When another "big break" comes along, perhaps this will be the time things will really turn around.

Mitch is hired by big time Hollywood director T.J. Mooney to follow his son, Austin, who is trying to start an acting career without riding the coattails of his powerful father. T.J. isn't happy his beloved son has changed his last name and chooses to live in a sketchy Koreatown apartment rather than the family mansion in Brentwood.

To Mitch it's another routine stakeout until a body is found at the Hollywood Sign. Evidence shows the person wasn't killed on the hill. Instead, someone went through the trouble of carrying the victim through the winding trails and dumped them there. Was the killer sending a message? If so, deciphering that message could lead Mitch to solving the crime.

Many of the original characters will return, as well as a host of new suspects, witnesses and informants. Like the first novel, A Body on the Hill will give the reader a tour of several distinctive Los Angeles neighborhoods.

I've been working on this gem and am having great fun. I expect that to show in the finished novel.

book cover reveal coming

In the Works - Date Unknown


Trafficked is a departure from the Mitch O'Reilly series. It is a darker standalone suspense/thriller.

Kane Foster’s life in Tucson is all he could have wished for. A job he loves, good friends, and sipping beers by the pool. A life he’s forced to surrender when his nephew disappears from summer camp and sends Kane on a race through the maze of dark streets and dirty alleys of Hollywood.

When Kane learns homeless youth are vanishing from the streets, his search becomes more desperate. He can join FBI agent, Guy Stockton, and let a few kids go for the sake of getting to the top of a sex trafficking ring, or he can join homeless advocate, Noah Shepard, and save as many as he can at the risk of losing his nephew.

His answer can only be found by immersing himself in a world of abuse, exploitation, and rampant drug use. Can he rescue his nephew from hell on earth without losing his soul in the process?

book cover reveal coming