About Brad Shreve


At far too young an age, Brad Shreve developed a love for political satire and became an avid fan of the Doonesbury comic strip. After years of taking art classes and designed his own strips he realized he enjoyed writing the stories more than the visual art. His thoughts turned to being a writer someday.

When he discovered mystery novels he was hooked. Authors Lawrence Block, Sue Grafton, Gregory Mcdonald and Robert B. Parker, had strong influences on him.

Losing himself in the corporate world he discovered the big office and prestigious title were great for the ego but were not great for living a life he found fulfilling. As a grownup he pondered what he wanted to do when he became a bigger grownup, and the answer was obvious. His fingertips have been on the keyboard ever since.

Brad was thrilled when he discovered LGBTQ mysteries are a thing, and the list of authors who inspired him to write in the subgenre are too numerous to mention. He published his first novel in 2019. He is also the host of Queer We Are, a podcast featuring interviews with extraordinary members of LGBTQ community who are living creative, fulfilled, and positive lives.

Brad lives with his husband Maurice in the California High Desert.