Ep: 000 Brad and Justene introduce themselves in this teaser trailer. They tell you what to expect on “Gay Mystery Authors,” the podcast where we’ll interview authors of LGBTQ mysteries, suspense, and thrillers. Our premier is October 10, 2019. 

This is where I’ll talk more about the guest and who they are and more info about them so people can learn about them. I’ll also include info on their book as well as links to where the book can be purchased and a link to their website.


Brad:   Hello, I’m Brad Shreve, the bestselling author of A Body and a Bathhouse, and this is the tease trailer for Gay Mystery Authors, the podcast where I’ll be interviewing authors of LGBTQ mystery suspension thrillers. Here’s the important part. I like to say that our show crime is prime. The crime fiction we’ll be discussing may include romance and sex. In fact, much of that may include a substantial amount of romance and sex because we’re not prudes are we Justine?

Justene:    Nope, not me.

Brad:   Tell us who you are. Justene.

Justene:   I’m Justene Adamec and I’m one of the partners in Requeered Tales, a re-publisher of classic gay fiction. A large number of our books, our gay mysteries including Grant Michaels’ Stan Kraychick series, and The Black Marble pool by Stan Leventhal and the Jas Anderson series by Jack Dickson.

Brad:   And I think what you guys are doing with Requeered Tales is absolutely amazing. It’s very exciting that somebody is taking on some of these out of date publications and doing that. So thank you for me and many others.

Justene:  Well, I enjoy doing it. We’ve fallen into a niche that we think serves a huge audience.

Brad:   Well, what I was getting at earlier was my point is that romance and sex are okay in the books that we discuss on this show, but the primary focus must be on the crime. And with that said, for the first time, here’s our opening theme.

Announcer:   Welcome to Gay Mystery Authors with Brad Shreve featuring interviews with some of the most renowned authors, and up and coming talent, in LGBTQ mysteries, suspense and thrillers. Plus Justene Adamec is here with her weekly recommendation.

Brad:    The reason I created this show is because I believe a lot of people in this world are missing out on some outstanding LGBTQ mystery fiction because we’re not letting them know we’re here. And let me tell you my journey. I’ve always been a fan of mysteries. I loved Lawrence Block, Robert B. Parker, Gregory Mcdonald and of course Sue Grafton. But there’s one thing about all of them. They’re all straight writers and they all wrote mostly straight characters, maybe a few side characters that were gay, but their primary characters were all straight. You see, I was a late bloomer. I came out when I was 35 years old and before that I would sneak into the gay and lesbian section in Barnes and Noble, and do you remember Borders?

Justene:   I do, yeah. I’m old enough to remember Borders. How about Walden books?

Brad:   Oh, I remember Walden books too. And the, you know, there was a day when they all had this little nook that was the gay and lesbian section. Mostly what I found were nonfiction books and literary works. There probably were other books there too, but that’s what I stumbled on. Only later did I find some great gay mystery novels where the primary focus of the novel was the crime. And I became inspired to read more and write more. And then on Facebook I found the Gay-Mystery-Thriller-Suspense Fiction Group, where gay mystery fans mingle with gay mystery authors. And I knew I had found a home. Author, Jon Michaelsen started the group about six years ago. And I’m grateful for it as I’m sure as many others are. That’s where we met, isn’t it?

Justene:  That is exactly where we met. I remember the first time I noticed your posts, you were putting up a couple of different versions of the cover and asking for input on what people would like.

Brad:  That’s right. I remember one of them looked like an erotic novel and everybody told me don’t do that.

Justene:   Exactly. They wanted more of a mystery and I’m glad you did.

Brad:  It worked out well for me. With Jon’s efforts, there are many people who are fans of gay mysteries who wouldn’t be otherwise. But, I told John I wanted to expand the group and do more. So I got this idea, a crazy idea that I kind of-maybe should start a podcast that focuses on gay crime fiction. It was a tiny seed of an idea, but I opened my mouth once or twice. I think you were one of them, and it took a life of its own.

Justene:  I know all about those lives of its own. That’s how Requeered Tales got its start. Somebody opened their mouth. And here we are now

Brad:  And I look forward to you telling that story because I know you’re going to.

Justene:   Oh, I will.

Brad:  Well, I’m happy to say that after announcing that the show is going to start, we have over five months of guests that are scheduled to be on Gay Mystery Authors. And I’m excited, and a little nervous that we’re less than one month away from airing, our first episode.

Justene:   Who are these guest for five months? Give us the highlights.

Brad:  Well, the highlights, are a little tough because I don’t want to leave anybody out because we have such an outstanding list, but I will give just a few.

Justene:  Well, we have five months, four to five weeks in a month. So that’s at least 20 authors

Justene:   Give us three.

Brad:   Okay. I’ll give you more than three. Let’s see. Writers we have coming on are Michael Nava, C.S. Poe, Marshall Thornton, R.E. Bradshaw and Jeffrey Round. And of course many, many more. So the list is pretty extensive. So you know, my hope and my passion is for LGBTQ crime fiction writers to get the exposure they need and deserve. I know everybody I just listed deserves more exposure, and my goal is I want thousands, and I’ll even be crazy and say I want millions of possible fans who don’t know that we exist to say, “Wow, gay mysteries are a thing?” I don’t want anyone missing out no more.

Justene:   Well, you want to know why I joined the show? I enjoy reading gay mysteries. I read a lot of books. I’ve read a lot of books over the course of this lifetime and gay mystery is a fascinating niche. I think the readers and the authors work well together because readers let the authors know what they want and it keeps them focused on the mystery and not try to spread themselves too thin into other areas. What I’ll be doing though is sharing the books that I enjoy and I’m going to be reviewing books. For example, I’m going to review The Cricketer’s Arms by Garrick Jones and the 10th Book in the Blake Harte Series by Robert Innes. And eventually we’ll get to Greg Heron, Michael Nava and other greats, but I also want to invite people to send their review requests. If you’re an author and I haven’t found you or even if I have and you want me to review your book, go ahead and send it to us at info@gaymysteryauthors.com

Brad:   And you don’t have to even be a guest on the show.

Justene:   Well you know, we hope to get many, many reviews requests, but we only have 20 shows in the next five months and I bet we’re going to get a lot more books than that. Don’t be concerned if your book hasn’t gotten on. When you write your next book, send that along too. So our first show is going to be on October 10th and our first guest will be Michael Craft. But the show is also open to non authors, including editors, consultants, and even readers who have something to say about the genre.

Brad:   And I’m really excited to have Michael Craft on. When I first found gay mysteries, and I asked people who are some writers I need to read? Michael Craft was one of the first ones to come up. If you’re listening to this show right now, you’re probably listening on our website. And so what you’ll see on our website, there are links to Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Spotify, Stitcher, and most other major podcast players. All you need to do is follow those links and you can subscribe to the show. And when we start on October 10th, you won’t miss a single episode. I’m really excited to get this started.

Justene:  I am too, Brad, goodbye.

Brad:  Goodbye. Remember our first day is Thursday, October 10th and we will see you all then.

Announcer:  Interact with other crime fiction fans and authors in our game. Mystery, thriller, Suspense Fiction Group on Facebook. Links are on our website, gaymysteryauthors.com.

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