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Michael Nava Discusses Carved in Bone.

Ep:002 Michael Nava released Carved in Bone, which is his first Henry Rios novel in 20 years. We discuss the novel and Rios’ past books. Justene reviews C.S. Poe’s latest novel, Mystery of the Bones – the final novel in the Snow & Winter series. She also brings up ReQueered Tales latest re-release, The Unfinished by Jay B. Laws.

Michael Craft and his Latest Novel: Choirmaster

Ep:001 Michael Craft discusses “ChoirMaster,” the second book in his Mister Puss Mystery series. Mister Puss is the cat who may, or may not, talk to help solve crimes. Garrick Jones’ “The Cricketer’s Arms” is Justene’s recommendation of the week. She also talks about Jack Dickson’s “Banged Up,” which is the latest release by ReQueered tales.