Introducing Exciting New Writer Brad Shreve

Brad's debut novel, coming early 2019, promises to have it all... murder, mystery, romance all on the background of LA's gritty scene.

book cover of "A Body in a Bathhouse" by Brad Shreve
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About Brad Shreve


Whether via cartoon, a picture book, or a tall tale, Brad has always loved to tell stories.

He’s a gay fiction writer, who primarily writes mystery and suspense, but sometimes enjoys dabbling in a bit of romance.

Brad criss-crossed the country after growing up in Michigan and North Carolina. He currently lives in the City of Angels with his husband and biggest fan, Maurice. During those rare moments he’s not writing, you can usually find him on the beach. On a good day, if he has a legal pad handy, you may find him enjoying life to the fullest by writing while his feet are buried firmly in the sand.

The Book

Nearly bankrupt, private investigator Mitch O’Reilly divides his time accepting any measly investigation gig that comes his way, half-heartedly running his Eye Spy Supply shop in a forgotten Los Angeles strip mall and hooking up with anonymous men he meets online.

Two tours in Afghanistan have left Mitch a lonely, sad and broken man who’s lost nearly all hope of getting back the fulfilling life he once had. But that may change when he gets his big break. A beloved comedy scriptwriter is murdered at a men’s bathhouse, and Mitch is hired to prove the innocence of the club custodian, who’s jailed for the crime he swears he did not commit. In addition, club manager, Trent Nakos, has Mitch rethinking his belief that there should be no emotional entanglements associated with sex.

While Mitch investigates the bathhouse murder, he learns there’s more to investigate than just a dead body. He must choose between continuing a case that could finally put him on the map, or drop the case to protect the ones he loves.

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